New France celebrations: a beneficial move

There is no doubt for the New France holiday team: the move of the festivities to Esplanade Park will have brought only advantages in terms of logistics.
“It’s a challenge to arrive at a site we have not occupied. The fact that everything is in the same place makes it much easier. You have to make sure the numbers are there, but the signs are good. If Parks Canada wishes to welcome us again, it could be a site that we would like to occupy in the coming years, “raises Melanie Raymond, General Manager of the Festivals of New France.

It was the ideal place for both its location and its historical aspect. The concept of neighborhoods also pleased the visitors, who left many good comments.

Although the final report is not drawn up, Ms. Raymond says that this is a successful edition. The fear that some festival-goers will not show up because of the new site quickly flew after the first day.

“The party is alive and well, it’s a good proof of being in a different place. It must be admitted that this is not an obstacle at all. This site has a rather special character, and is very busy. And we try to occupy sites that have a symbolic character at the level of history. The decor must be largely natural for a historic event. ”

Ms. Raymond also adds that the site is more accessible for tourists, they are always at the rendezvous, but also for the people of Quebec. At least, that’s what the team noticed in the ear, listening to the language of conversations.

New Year’s General Manager Mélanie Raymond is very pleased with the move of the festivities to Parc de l’Esplanade.

After the entertainment, will come …

The party is in its 23rd presentation, and it is said that interest is not lost. The story is inexhaustible, there will always be something to learn, just dig in the right direction.

“The theme leads us to make all our choices based on that. We are inspired by the facts, we bring them in an interactive way on our sites. It is important to relate to historical facts. I discover things every year, “notes Ms. Raymond.

This year, entertainment and play were at the heart of the holiday season. Next year, the team will find a new theme to animate its facilities.

Starting in September, the team will co-host to create a brand new 24th edition of the Holidays. Mrs. Raymond will make sure to keep the good things this year, and hope to return to Esplanade Park.

“There are some favorites in the characters that we bring back to another theme, we are choosing our favorites!”

It must be said that the weather was on the side of the organizers to ensure the success of the event. A little rain Saturday afternoon could have frightened the festival-goers, but otherwise, we only noticed good weather.

The holidays attract cameras

It should be noted that the Fortifications-de-Québec National Historic Site has hosted several shootings and influencers in the past four days. The holidays received a family of 11 children as part of the program ” Happy and Happy” broadcast on Canal Vie. The team behind the Gay Voyageur online tourist guide presenting the best festivals in Quebec City also captured some holiday images. The shooting of a documentary on the passage in the Capitale-Nationale of Oneika Raymond, journalist, animator and blogger of voyage, also took place on the sites. Several bloggers also shared their visit on their platforms.

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