New regulation on the washing of road vehicles: but why?

Few people may have seen it pass, but a new regulation applies this year to Trois-Rivières on the washing of road vehicles. Now, you can only wash your car on days when you can water your lawn (even day = even address, odd day = odd address). And beware: just like lawn watering, fines can range from $ 100 up to $ 2,000 for repeat offenders.
The e voting regulation is meant generally a response to one or abuse on the part of citizens. In this case, have people washed their cars so often every day that the council had to legislate and apply this regulation to the least binding? I, for one, observe people on my street and the surrounding streets, and I have not seen anything like it. People who wash their vehicles do it the day they do it, period. Nobody spends his time washing his car every day.

We understand perfectly – and it is more than desirable – that a drinking water bylaw forbids watering your lawn every day for hours. It’s normal. But environmentally speaking, whether I wash my car today or tomorrow, what does it change? If I wash it today, I will not wash it tomorrow or the rest of the week. Rinsing a car, soaping and rinsing it does not take liters and liters of water, unlike watering lawns.

I know a lot of people who work six days a week. So if you have no time available, and your day off does not turn out to be “your day” washing, well, too bad for you! It will go to next week, hoping it does not rain that day! And even if I have two days off during the weekend, it can rain the day I’m entitled, and the next day, it can be super nice, but I will not have the right. It’s a little ridiculous, let’s admit it.

This regulation will not save water. I call this a regulation “to coerce to coerce”. The official reason given in an article in the Hebdo Journal is that this way of doing things will facilitate the work of the patrol monitoring watering. This is a false problem. This regulation was unnecessary and will bring only positive to the City: fine tickets!

There is a strong need to rethink the relevance of this regulation, which I believe, and all the people I spoke to, is ineffective and unnecessarily burdensome for citizens.

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