New residential construction: the ratings of accessible entrepreneurs

Consumers who want to buy a new home will soon have access to the contractor’s technical rating and a customer satisfaction rating.
To do this, they will only have to consult the Register of Companies accredited with Residential Construction Guarantee on the organization’s website. And it will be free.

The Residential Construction Guarantee, which administers the Guarantee Plan for New Residential Buildings in Quebec, will make these ratings accessible to consumers as of June 6, said Fran├žois-William Simard, Vice President of Communications at GCR, in an interview with La Presse Canada.

This will affect both new and semi-detached homes, townhouses and condominiums in a four-story building or less.

And since new home builders may also be involved in major renovations or home expansions, consumers who want to make such renovations may also find it helpful to look at the register, Simard said.

More than 3,000 companies are accredited by Residential Construction Guarantee.

The odds

The technical rating of a contractor ranges from AA to D. It is based on the result of the inspections carried out by Residential Construction Guarantee in several aspects, such as windows sealing, foundations, framing.

Some companies do not have a rating yet. “It’s because they do not have enough history to be able to give them a rating.” This will be indicated “until they can have three inspections to determine whether this company quality or not, “explained Mr. Simard.

The satisfaction rating is based on after-sales service, which is based on claims that have been recognized by Residential Construction Guarantee.

“A big step forward”

“This is a big step forward in terms of consumer protection in Quebec because, for the first time, consumers have been able to make an informed choice when they are about to do business with a new construction contractor. He will be able to know “does this contractor build well or he may be building a little less well”, summarized Mr. Simard.

This consumer access to ratings will also have an impact on construction contractors. “It’s going to make sure that entrepreneurs are also going to perform better, because a C will not want to be a C; he’s going to want to become a B or even more, “said Simard.

“Ultimately, what we want is to better protect the consumer and it is to improve the quality of construction in Quebec. There has been an improvement in recent years. A study was released in January: 54 per cent decrease in building defects in the last two years. But there is still work to be done. And we are convinced that the disclosure of ratings will ensure that the situation will improve further in the coming years, “opined Mr. Simard.

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