Nike will end contracts penalizing pregnant athletes

Sports equipment giant Nike has taken on board the critics of US track and field athlete Allyson Felix and will remove performance clauses from contracts for athletes returning from maternity leave, reports the New York Times.
“We have realized, we Nike, that we have to do more and it’s a unique opportunity for the sports sector in general to evolve to better support the sports,” said a spokeswoman for Nike in an email addressed Friday to the American daily.

According to the Times , after giving birth to a child, each athlete on contract with Nike has his condition conditioned for twelve months at his performance level.

It is this clause that the American group has undertaken to abolish.

One of the group’s vice-presidents, Amy Montagne, said in an internal mail sent Friday to employees to have been “saddened” by what Allyson Felix had gone through.

“It forced us to question ourselves,” she wrote.

In a New York Times column published Wednesday , Felix revealed that the amount of his sponsorship deal with Nike has been reduced by 70% since she became a mother for the first time last November.

“This shows once again that in the sports sector, the rules are written largely by men and for men,” said the six-time Olympic champion, one of the most beautiful winners in history. ‘Athletics.

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