NL: Liberals could form minority government

The citizens of Newfoundland and Labrador woke up in uncertainty on Friday morning with the election of the first minority government in almost 50 years in the province, but early indications suggest that outgoing Liberals could to get hold of power.
By the time the ballots were counted on Thursday night, the Liberals of outgoing Premier Dwight Ball had kept 20 of the 40 seats in the legislature, while Ches Crosbie’s Conservatives snatched 15. New Democrats collected three seats, and two independent deputies were elected.

In terms of vote-sharing, the Liberals took the lead in 43.9% of the votes cast. Conservatives are hot on their heels at 42.6%.

Mr. Crosbie hinted on Thursday that he would try to overthrow the government, but on Friday, politicians who are not on the Conservative or Liberal side told Canadian Press they wanted to avoid another vote.

According to New Democrat (NDP) leader Alison Coffin, if other elections were held by the end of the year, it would be “destructive” and it would unnecessarily slow the economy.

In an interview, she said that one should “do a lot of work” first.

“Maybe the elections will come sooner, but not necessarily in a year,” she said.

At least one of the independent members has also opened the door to working with the Liberals.

In his victory speech at Corner Book, Ball spoke of the need for party collaboration in the legislature, while later criticizing Crosbie for “a very dirty campaign”.

Conservative leader refuses to concede

On the other side of the island, in the Saint John area, Mr. Crosbie refused to concede the victory to the Liberals and predicted that the Liberal government would not survive a year.

The Conservative leader spoke of a “situation of constitutional instability” and pledged to contact his independent and NDP colleagues in the coming days.

“They will have difficulty in the coming months and years to cling to power,” he warned.

Crosbie was due to speak to the media on Friday, but his scrum has been postponed until next Friday.

There is only one seat left for the Liberals to hold the parliamentary majority, and the opposition parties do not have enough members to overthrow the government.

NDP ready to work with Liberals

With no outgoing MPs and nominations in only 14 constituencies, the NDP still managed to win three seats, including one for the party leader. The NDP garnered 6.3% of the vote.

In her speech on Thursday night, Ms. Coffin congratulated the Liberal leader for his “good campaign”, but she also told him that he had found in her a “formidable opponent”.

In an interview on Friday, Ms. Coffin said she was open to working with the Liberals on certain issues.

“If a minority government is really interested in a real debate and solving the problems that exist instead of putting bandages on it, and is open to talking, then I think we have a real chance of accomplishing a lot. work, “she said.

Mrs. Coffin had not discussed with MM. Crosbie and Ball Friday. She expects the talks to start next week.

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