No Montreal World Film Festival in 2019

Founding President of the World Film Festival (FFM), Serge Losique, announced Monday that there will be no edition of the Montreal festival in 2019.
By press release, the festival specifies that the break will serve to “better prepare the 2020 edition”.

No film was selected for this year’s edition.

The release also states that Mr. Losique will not give an interview on this subject “because of extreme fatigue and the order of his doctors.”

The festival, founded and led by Mr. Losique, has been struggling financially in recent years, including losing government funding and sponsors. In 2016, several employees had left the ship, deploring the defective leadership of Mr. Losique.

In August 2017, Quebecor bought back the “heavy mortgage debt” of the prestigious Impérial cinema, owned by a non-profit organization chaired by Serge Losique. Famous Players had offered the Imperial to the FFM in 1995, but this Montreal gem, used especially by festivals and for the first “red carpet”, was facing serious financial difficulties and threatened with decrepitude.

Then, last year, the MFF narrowly managed to present its 42nd edition after having difficulties with Revenu Québec, which had filed a petition in court asking for an injunction to prevent the event from being held a few weeks before the event. planned opening.

Serge Losique finally responded to Revenu Québec’s requirement to pay a “security interest” of $ 32,800 if he wanted to remain registered in the Quebec Sales Tax (QST) file.

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