Open war between Trump and the Democrats

Donald Trump and the American Democrats entered a real open war on Wednesday, giving the debate on a process of impeachment against the American president a new intensity.
V isiblement irritated, the billionaire urged congressional Democrats to stop their “bogus investigations”, denying engaging in any attempt to stifle the conclusions of the vast Russian investigation.

“I do not practice hiding,” said Trump at a hastily-held news conference.

He had just cut short a meeting at the White House with the Democratic leaders of both Congress Assemblies, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

Shortly before the interview, supposed to be about a vast infrastructure program, M me Pelosi had publicly accused of being “engaged in a cover-up.”

The allegations against the president could “justify a dismissal procedure,” later added the 79-year-old elected.

A statement very noticeable since the powerful Democratic leader has been applying the contrary for months to discourage the elected representatives of his party in favor of such an option, too risky and unpopular according to her.

But the debate took a new dimension after further refusals by the Trump administration this week to cooperate with their parliamentary inquiries.

So much so that Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, organized a meeting to discuss the issue with some elected officials shortly before her visit to the White House.

“Last night, I heard they were going to meet just before this meeting to talk about the word” i “. You realize, “was outraged Donald Trump, 72, in reference to the English word for? Removal : impeachment .

Angry, the US president arrived late for the meeting. Without shaking hands with the Democrats and without sitting down, he accused Nancy Pelosi of saying something “terrible,” according to a Democratic source. Then he left.

“Get back to work”

Infrastructures, but also budgets or reforms: the war between Democrats and the Republican now threatens to block any initiative in a divided Congress.

A potentially harmful prospect on the eve of the November 2020 elections.

Democrats have a choice, hammered the president on Twitter:

Either “continue the witch hunt”, referring to the investigation of the special prosecutor Robert Mueller who concluded that Donald Trump’s campaign team had not cooperated with Moscow, but refrained from laundering the president of the suspicions of obstruction of justice.

“Either get back to work …”

Breaking for a second term, the Republican president chose his campaign argument: by wasting their energy to “harass” him with their parliamentary inquiries, the Democrats neglect their work, and therefore the voters.

Democratic leaders fear this angle of attack.

How to make their message audible on the issues that really matter to the Americans if the debate over a removal process blurs all the airwaves?

Especially with a Senate controlled by the Republicans, such an attempt would go straight into the wall.

Trump’s strategy?

But even among the reluctant, like the presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, the idea seems to make its way.

“I’m not sure that this president does not want to be targeted by impeachment proceedings. Maybe he thinks it serves him politically, “the independent senator told CNN.

But if Donald Trump continues to disrespect the US Constitution and Congress’ right to investigate, he said, “it may be time for an impeachment investigation to begin.”

The Democrats have blamed Donald Trump en masse for the failure of the infrastructure meeting, accusing him of making a “whim” that deprives Americans of “good jobs”.

“Unfortunately, the president only seems to worry about his own job,” Nancy Pelosi teased in a letter to the elected Democrats.

Counting on the strong support of his leadership team, this skilful strategist has so far attempted to keep the still minority votes in favor of an impeachment, saying that their battery of parliamentary investigations would reveal to the Americans the supposed mistakes of the billionaire.

His position came out stronger Wednesday, when a judge ruled in favor of Democrats against the Trump administration, who refused to deliver financial documents.

Their second legal victory in three days against the White House.

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