Other dead fish found near the Lievre River

Hundreds of dead fish were once again found on the banks of the Lièvre River on Monday.
I s is the third episode of its kind since the beginning of the summer. Each time, fish of several different species were found on the shore, either of the Lièvre River or the Ottawa River, east of where the Lièvre flows into the Ottawa River.

Ottawa River Science and Policy Director Larissa Holman told the law that she was there on Monday and found dozens of dead fish of different species.

According to the Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks (MFFP), more than a thousand fish were found this time on the banks of the Lièvre River. A ministry team went to the scene after a report from Ottawa River Guard.

After the first episode, an analysis was conducted on the carcass of dozens of fish at the Quebec Center for Wildlife Health, which eliminated the thesis of an infectious disease to explain the sudden death of an animal. large number of aquatic animals.

Other carcasses and samples were sent to the Quebec Center for Wild Animal Health Monday, says the MFFP.

“We did not get the final report of the second analysis, but the hypothesis of intoxication is suspected, like the first two episodes,” said a spokesman for the MFFP, in an email.

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