“Pact” consults scientists, new proposals soon

The instigator of the “Pact for the transition”, Dominic Champagne, escaped during a conference opening of the conference of the Association francophone pour le savoir, in Gatineau. In a few days, this movement will present a new initiative that will involve many scientists.
“I have undertaken with other scientists, people who are knowledgeable, to write a number of proposals that will be launched next week,” unveiled Mr. Champagne towards the end of his speech, before ask if there were any media representatives in the room, saying they did not want to “burn their punch”.

Asked about this initiative, the well-known environmental film director and activist did not reveal what his proposals would be, but agreed to say more about the process.

“There are some forty brains that I have been asking for a few months. What are the solutions? What are the proposals? What can we inspire our government? “Said Dominic Champagne.

“If there is one thing I see, since the launch of the Pact, is how much society, the young people who are in the street, need to be the science of strong and credible solutions and solutions, on which they can build a response to this anxiety, to this urgency “, adds the instigator of the” Pact for the transition “.

Do not burn bridges

In addition to not wanting to “burn his punch”, Mr. Champagne also mentioned the intention not to offend members of the Future Coalition Quebec who adopted a series of environmental measures during their congress last weekend. The activist says he feels an evolution of the current government’s position on the environmental issue.

“I would look mean, the day after the congress of the CAQ, to say that I can do better than them,” says Dominic Champagne.

“The advantage we had with the Caquists over the Liberals I knew well in the shale gas saga was that the Liberal attitude was that they knew everything. While the Caquists have, to a certain extent, made honorable amends for their ignorance. […] I feel for six months that there is a form of openness and understanding that the solution will not come strictly from the government, but that the solutions are multiple and that we must put in listening mode. “

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