Parental leave: sharing “a little more equitable” with two moms

Couples made up of two mothers share in a “slightly more equitable” way the leaves provided for in the Quebec Parental Insurance Plan (QPIP), reveal data first made public in Gatineau at the ACFAS convention.
A chief ctuaire the Board of Management of parental insurance, Claudia Giguère Tuesday presented the “unpublished” statistics to compare the benefits paid from 2013 to 2017 to heterosexual families and LGBT families with two mothers.

During these five years, some 258,500 male and one female families received QPIP benefits, compared to 1,149 families with two women. The comparison with couples of two men was not made, because the volume was “not big enough” explained Ms. Giguère.

Among heterosexual families, the majority of parental benefits were used (73%) by mothers only. For families with two mothers, the one who gave birth took all parental leave in 57% of the cases.

The sharing of parental leave weeks – all proportions – was observed in almost one quarter (24%) of families with a father and a mother, compared to 39% when the child has two mothers.

When parental leave was shared, fathers averaged 23% of available weeks, leaving the rest to mothers. Among families with two mothers, those who did not give birth took on average 30% of parental leave.

In both cases, very few parents who did not give birth took all the leaves that could be shared. This was the case for fathers in 2% of heteroparental families, compared to 4% for mothers who did not give birth in same-sex families.

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