Prune Rose released under severe conditions

Maksim Hayrutdinov and Rose Pruneau were released under harsh conditions on Thursday at the courthouse in Sherbrooke.
The 21-year-old, however, will have to undergo closed therapy in the next few months.

Aggression on Chauveau: Aucaucou remains detained

These two individuals are part of a group of five people who are accused of robbery of the former spouse of Rose Pruneau and flight in the night of July 12 to 13 in Sherbrooke.

“Your involvement is total and your responsibility is complete. Your motivation for revenge seems heavy. It was you who trained the other four in this galley. You wanted to steal the narcotics and the list of clients of your former spouse. The evidence seems to demonstrate your drug addiction, alcohol and emotional addictions, “said Justice Conrad Chapdelaine of the Court of Quebec.

In his decision to release the two accused under severe conditions, Justice Chapdelaine explains that the facts of this case are simple.

Rose Pruneau suspected her former spouse of stealing an ounce of marijuana. She set a trap under the guise of a drug purchase with the other accused, Wesley Aucaucou, Raphael Nadeau, Maksim Hayrutdinov and Carol-Ann Homan to attract the one who would become the victim on Chauveau Street, far from possible surveillance cameras.

The individual, who was assaulted in this case, was arrested by Maksim Hayrutdinov while leaving a taxi.

After his signal, Aucaucou and Nadeau joined him to steal his shoes, his keys, his bag, his wallet as well as his smartphone.

The three suspects fled in a vehicle where the two women, Rose Pruneau and Carol-Ann Homan, were, leaving behind the victim who was injured.

Armed with the victim’s keys, the five individuals went to his quarters.

They broke in to steal a variety of things, including narcotics and money, hence the charges of breaking and entering.

The situation would have degenerated inside the victim’s home. Wesley Aucaucou allegedly threatened Rose Pruneau, assaulted with a knife and allegedly inflicted bodily harm on her. Charges in this regard are brought against Aucaucou.

It was by paying with the victim’s credit card at McDonald’s and then through cell triangulation that the suspects were found and arrested.

“The proof is very strong. A conviction is more than likely. Mrs Pruneau is the instigator, but you have been very helpful in the planning and execution of the robbery, “said the judge in his decision for Hayrutdinov.

Justice Chapdelaine determined that the prosecution had not discharged its burden of proving that the detention of the two accused was necessary.

“At this point, despite the seriousness of the crimes, the release remains the rule,” said the judge.

The tears of Rose Pruneau, defended by Me Mélissa Gilbert, gave way to a smile when the judge agreed that she could resume her freedom under conditions.

She will have to stay in therapy 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Prohibitions on contact with the alleged victim were issued as well as the alleged accomplices.

Same thing for Maksim Hayrutdinov, defended by Mr. Alexandre Fleurent, who will have to respect a curfew between 9pm and 7am, deposit his passport and report to the police station in Sherbrooke every week.

“I warn you that the slightest breach of conditions will result in your arrest, the loss of monetary guarantees and it will be much harder for you to regain your freedom,” the judge said.

Nadeau and Homan were released earlier this week, while Aucaucou remains in custody.

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