Public transit to reduce congestion

According to a recent Léger poll, 76% *, residents of the Québec City area consider that road congestion is a major problem in the region and an identical proportion wants governments to invest more in public transit.
The survey results also show that citizens believe that a public transit service tailored to the needs of a city is synonymous with smoother traffic.

Respondents express an appetite for public transit, however, they are not ready to give up their car for no consideration. 49% of respondents feel that an increase in the reliability of transit service is necessary to encourage them to use it more regularly, while 32% feel that it is impossible for them to use public transit, lack of services.

Québec City is already working to improve its public transit service offering.

However, the Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA) knows that the costs to improve the reliability and frequency of public transit are too important to be borne solely by municipalities.

Fortunately, the federal and provincial governments have the will and funds to invest in major projects like the Transit System. CUTA welcomes the development of new infrastructures since they are necessary to increase the quality of services.

CUTA believes, however, that the federal government should contribute to the financing of service operations, in addition to maintaining its investments in infrastructure.

Permanent, flexible and operational federal funding would ease the pressure on transit systems, which must always do more and innovate to meet the growing needs of their customers.

At the dawn of the federal election, political parties can not ignore the important need for better mobility.

Together, let’s prioritize public transit; it is not only about the efficiency of our movements, but also about our economic and social vitality and our collective commitment to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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