Quality Motel: the “sailors of electro” take off

The beaches of L’Isle-aux-Coudres, Mont-Louis and Gaspé will be visited by Qualité Motel this week. Valaire’s alter ego quintet has decided to test a mini-tour on a sailboat showcasing local food and spirits, a concept he would like to offer to other artists.
“During our composition periods, we often go to a cottage outside the city to change the air, to have an inspiration other than that of our usual studio. We like the idea of ​​diversifying our activities. We thought that the places where we played were often near a navigable watercourse and that the tour in Quebec could be done on a pedalo or sailboat “, explains Luis Clavis (Louis-Pierre B. Phaneuf of his real name ).

With François-Simon Déziel (France), Jonathan Douin (DRouin), Julien Harbec (Kilojoules) and Thomas Hébert (To), he was introduced to navigation at the festival Musique du bout du monde a few years ago.

They will leave with their two boxes of equipment, skipper Mike Lepage and filmmaker Mathieu Boudreau on the Gray Goose, a 36-foot CS36T sailboat. Even if Jonathan is still injured his ankle after jumping on a microphone stand at the Festive! Baie-Saint-Paul, the crew is hopeful to travel 350 nautical miles and give 4 shows in 5 days.

Guinea pigs

“This year, it’s a test, we’re just going to do three dates, to see if night navigation suits us. We are used to not resting a lot, says Luis. If there is a good wind and it is sailing well, we may arrive early and have time to take a nap before the shows. Maybe it’s going to be hell all the way, and we’re going to get tight and burned. We are aware of this and before offering it to others, we want to live it. ”

Each stop includes an afternoon of chilling with beer and local food. On Wednesday, August 7th at L’Isle-aux-Coudres, the Ferme des Quatre-Temps, the Organic Meats of Charlevoix and Famille Migneron will be involved in the adventure. Quality Motel will give a first show in the late afternoon on the beach, near Suroît Adventures, then at 21h at the Fascine. They put the activities back to the next day in case of rain.

On Saturday, August 10, they will go to La Face B, in Mont-Louis, then on August 12 in Gaspé, as part of the Bout du Monde Music Festival, at the Cantina Latino-Gaspésienne, on Haldimand Beach.

Celebrating the river

When asked why a filmmaker accompanies them, Luis responds that they want, as much as possible, to document the experience on the river. “I am very interested in the relation to the river. It’s a bit of a drain on Quebec culture, everything has happened there, he says. We can approach the report of residents to the river, the health of the watercourse, ecological issues … ”

Thoughtful aspirations that contrast with the second-rate lyrics of Quality Motel songs. “We want to combine reflection with the party. Show that we can celebrate our river in a responsible way, “says Luis.

Valaire thought of creating Motel Quality in response to the growing demand to make DJ sets, an unrealistic project with their arsenal of brass, guitar, drums and consoles. “We did not want to be the five around a computer to put the key, explains Luis. We had known the Lions of the rhythm, musicians around a table playing with small electronic instruments, putting effects in the music and in the voices. ”

Taking up this idea, they multiplied the collaborations with invited singers and lyricists and have since released two albums, an eponymous and It is not the quality that counts, last November.

The group began its summer with an African tour, playing in Senegal, Cape Verde and the Canary Islands. “We had to adapt a bit. The second degree of the lyrics passed less easily, so we focused our performances on the more dances, “says Luis.

Back to the roots

This fall, they will start working on a new album by Valaire. “We think back to their more instrumental roots, with experimental passages, while the last album had a touch more pop, with refrains and verses,” he notes.

The group had to mourn the two articulated dragons who had accompanied them on stage during the After-FEQ at the Armory during the Quebec City Summer Festival. “It broke our hearts, but we had to give up buying them,” says Luis. It would have been necessary to have storage space and transport them in a cube each time, it was unthinkable. ”

You will be able to attend free of charge the services delivered during Quality Motel’s St Lawrence Drive and follow the adventure of the “electro sailors”, bonus costumes, in real time on social media. facebook.com/qualitemotel

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