Quebec City Film Festival: Louis Belanger honored

The work of the capital’s filmmaker Louis Bélanger will be honored at the upcoming Quebec City Film Festival (FCVQ), which will host its all-new Quebec film “Live 100 miles an hour”. , a few days before its release in theaters.
In addition to this premiere, other films by the Québec City director will find their place in the festival grid, which has chosen to include Post-Mortem (1999) and Weeds (2016) in its programming. A conference on the career of Louis Bélanger will also be organized during the FCVQ.

Partly shot in Quebec City last fall, Living at 100 Miles an Hour features up-and-coming actors like Rémi Goulet, Antoine L’Ecuyer, Zakary Méthot, Nicolas Guay, Felix-Antoine Cantin and Dylan Walsh. Marie-Hélène Thibault and Benoit McGinnis are also part of the cast.

The production was chosen to inaugurate the cinematographic installations of the brand new Diamant Theater, instead of Youville. “We found that a film by a director from Quebec City, with a story going on in Quebec City for the cinema launch of a cultural center in Quebec City, was a perfect choice,” he said. FCVQ Programming Director, Olivier “Bill” Bilodeau.

Back to the ’70s and’ 80s

Living 100 miles an hour brings us back to the ’70s and’ 80s, where rather adventurous friends see their teenage games slide towards crime. “It’s the story of three little bums full of cash that make life big. At the time, we were going to swim at the Universel motel [near Laval University]. We disturbed the tourists by making bombs … “had described the director to the Sun during a visit of the set of filming last October.

Louis Bélanger had not denied a certain autobiographical aspect to the project. “It’s a pack of lies based on parts of truth. I’m inspired by my youth, but I transform a lot to make cinematographic material, “observed the director, who said consider Living at 100 miles an hour as the logical continuation of his film Gaz Bar Blues . “It’s a bit of continuity […],” he noted. It was a long time that I dragged [this story] in my cartons. I told business in the world and I saw that it was laughing.

Expected on the screens by September 27, living 100 miles an hour will see the country beforehand since it was selected in official competition Angoulême Francophone Film Festival, which will take place from August 20 to 25.

The schedule of Louis Bélanger’s films and the complete programming of the FCVQ will be announced later.

The Quebec City Film Festival will run from September 12 to 21.

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