Quebec prohibits the sale of cannabis sweets

Quebecers hoping to buy chocolates, jujubes and other cannabis sweets after legalizing them in Canada will not be able to find them on the shelves, as the provincial government has decided to ban their sale.
Not considering the measures planned by Ottawa to regulate the forthcoming legalization of the sale of edible products to cannabis, Quebec unveiled Wednesday the more stringent additional rules it plans to impose.

The provincial government announces that it will ban the sale of sweets, confectionery, desserts – including chocolate – and “any other product that is attractive to minors”.

Solid products containing cannabis may not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) greater than 5 mg per unit and 10 mg per package. For liquids, the limit will be 5 mg per package.

Ottawa will legalize the new products on October 17, but calculates that it will take at least 60 days after that date for the products to be on the shelf, pushing back the availability of a range of new products in mid-December. containing THC.

Three new categories of products will then be allowed in the country: edible cannabis, cannabis extracts and topical cannabis.

According to Quebec, the federal government’s measures to regulate these new product categories will not be sufficient to enable the province to “achieve its public health and safety objectives.”

The provincial government wishes to do more to reduce the trivialization of cannabis, its appeal to young people, the risk of unintentional intoxication and the health risks associated with high THC products.

Among the other measures imposed by Quebec, there is the prohibition to add, in cannabis extracts for sale, additives or other substances intended to modify the smell, flavor or color of the product.

The provincial government also limits the THC concentration of cannabis products to 30 per cent, with the exception of edible cannabis products. A provision for increasing the potential for intoxicating psychological effects of cannabis products through the addition of components, including cannabinoids, will also be added.

Cannabis for topical use will not be allowed for sale in Quebec “for the moment”, note also.

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