Quebec shines in Cannes

Nine years ago, Monia Chokri was “born as an actress” at the Cannes Film Festival with Les amours imaginaires. She hoped for this same recognition as director, trembling, by introducing on stage The woman of my brother, chosen as opening film of Un certain regard. His first feature film received an honest welcome, with loud applause. Who left her in shock.
The nervousness won the artist born in Quebec an hour before the climb of the stairs, she who had donned a beautiful black lace dress. The emotion was even greater when she spoke to festival-goers in the audience when she revealed that she had lost a close friend just three weeks ago. “Abyssal punishment”, accompanied by a “little light”, that of presenting his baby surrounded by his team, his friends and relatives. “I like You.”

But even during the screening, Monia Chokri was in doubt. And did not hear anything from the audience’s reactions. “It’s like I saw nothing, heard nothing. I do not know what happened.”

I too left my body, laughed Anne-Elisabeth Bossé, who plays the main role. I’m a bit like Monia. It’s a little surreal, too early to understand what’s going on.

“It’s like I’ve seen nothing, heard nothing. I do not know what happened.” ”
– Monia Chokri, right after the screening of her film in Cannes on Tuesday

The comedy, with superbly written dialogues, is based on Sophia (very good Bossé), Ph.D. in philosophy who, at age 35, finds herself in the midst of an existential crisis. And have to go live with his brother psy Karim (Patrick Hivon). Their fusional relationship is put to the test when the seducer falls in love with Eloise (Evelyne Brochu), the gynecologist who has just completed the second abortion of her sister …

Nothing stops Monia Chokri in this slightly offbeat film – which is both her strength and her weakness. After a strong start, my brother’s wife is a victim of her scattering. Circumscribing the word would have helped to keep the pace.

Which is a shame since the whole thing is pretty well filmed and often very funny. The meal scenes with the parents are irresistible (as excessive as those of Ricardo Trogi in his autobiographical trilogy).

With its colorful aesthetic, unusual framing, exuberant soundtrack (too) and jerky editing, it is obvious that the director drew on the work of Xavier Dolan – who was also present Wednesday night to offer his support to his friend.

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Monia Chokri, however, explores themes that belong to her own: the learning of love, doubts, failure, parental pressure (and social), conformity (Sophia refuses to return to the rank), the report to the image (especially feminine), etc.

My brother’s wife takes the bill on June 7 in Quebec. We will come back to it in more depth.

* * *

After a timid start with The Dead Do not Die opening, the competition got a boost with Les Misérables de Ladj Ly. His feature-length comedy, a political film, social drama and suspense, illustrates with great acumen the untenable life of the underprivileged who live in the suburbs of Paris.

In a day in Montfermeil, where the director grew up, the action follows in parallel three cops who patrol the area and the various “factions” of the neighborhood. Until a flash ignites the powders in an intense and punchy face to face. The kind we do not escape unscathed – both in the story and in the room.

Ladj Ly will certainly be a serious candidate for the Caméra d’Or, awarded to the best first film of the selection. Not to mention the winners. But wait to see. The competition is still very young …


A feature article on human trafficking during the Cannes Film Festival in the Hollywood Reporter. The Festival is a pretext for predators who dangle a movie career for young women and promise them an entry visa to the United States. The aspiring actresses, which come as many European countries as the former republics of the Eastern bloc, are then entrusted to the hands of unscrupulous American producers who abuse them. According to the US magazine, two known actresses who refuse to disclose their identity, went through this circuit before break free. This is far from the case for the vast majority of victims.


Advertisements of Cannes City Hall entirely written in English. Like, “Michel takes care of our pipes. And you, what are you doing? “” Johanne is relentless with the trash. And you? “The initiative is good because it offers a social message on pollution by valuing the work of municipal employees (all smiles on the ads in question). They are obviously intended for tourists. But not sure that vacationers or festival-goers who wander will give them more than a distracted look – the senses are much sought, let’s say. A subliminal message?


Diversified song of birds through the window of my room (the weather is rather mild at the beginning of the festival, but showers are expected …), which is open almost continuously. However, I’m only a big five-minute walk from the Croisette and the Palais des Festivals, where the screenings take place. It is true that the said room does not, like others, give on the police station and the big avenue Bachaga Saïd Boualam which separates the city. Several odonyms recall, in France, the name of this soldier who rallied to General de Gaulle and was vice-president of the Algerian National Assembly from 1958 to 1962.

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