Quebec trucker charged with homicide with vehicle in Ohio

A driver from a Beauce business is charged in the United States with manslaughter with a vehicle for a recent incident at a Highway 46 rest stop near Highway 80 in the State of New Brunswick. ‘Ohio.
The WKBN radio station reports that the suspect is Guillaume Pelletier, 24 years old.

The incident occurred on the morning of May 2 in Austintown, about 90 kilometers southeast of Cleveland.

According to police in Austintown, the victim, a 29-year-old pedestrian from the state of Texas, appeared in front of the Quebec truck after walking between two parked trucks.

The police initially believed in the hypothesis of the accident. However, by later examining a video recording of a truck that was on the scene, the police concluded that there was ample space between the pedestrian and the truck driven by Guillaume Pelletier so that he had the time to brake and avoid impact. The death of the victim was found on the spot.

Police in Austintown claim that Mr. Pelletier’s faculties were not weakened at the time of the tragedy, but the investigators will try to retrieve the data from his cell phone to see if he may have been distracted in the collision.

The images shot by WKBN at the scene of the tragedy show that the truck driven by Mr. Pelletier belongs to the Beauce firm Couture Expressway of Saint-BenoƮt-Labre.

Guillaume Pelletier has returned to Quebec since the tragedy. The Austintown police have contacted the transport company’s lawyer who is hiring him in the hope that he will surrender.

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