Riverin sisters around the world with Lara Fabian

The Riverin sisters have just won a huge contract. Karine, Marie-Eve and Caroline will act as Lara Fabian’s backing vocalists in her next world tour. They will accompany her in a series of 72 shows that will take them to 50 countries around the world.
“We’ve been listening to Lara since we we
re very young. It’s an idol for us, says Marie-Ève ​​Riverin, who is still struggling to believe it.

“Singing with her is a gift. Going on tour with her is an amazing gift. And to live all three together is the pinnacle of privilege, “she exclaims.

The three sisters, originally from Shipshaw, have been singers for Nanette Workman for more than 15 years. They accompanied several artists, including Bruno Pelletier, Annie Villeneuve and Marc-André Fortin. “We also had the chance to cast our votes behind Ginette Reno,” says Marie-Eve. But this time, the contract takes on another dimension.

Lara Fabian has sold more than 20 million albums. The Lara Fabian 50 World Tour , which will take place over one year, will take them to the United States, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Turkey, Portugal, Croatia, Russia and the United Arab Emirates. . Girls will also perform in Quebec at the Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier in Montreal on April 1 and 2, 2020, and at the Videotron Center in Quebec City on April 4. The first will be presented in New York on September 16th.

The Lara Fabian 50 World Tour, which will take place over one year, will include the United States, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Turkey, Portugal, Croatia, Russia and the United Arab Emirates. United.

“We will discover the world together. We will go to places that we would never have had the chance to see, “enthuses Marie-Eve.

It was during the last day of filming La Voix that Lara Fabian herself asked her and her sisters to accompany her. The two artists have been working together for two years.

“We had a hard time believing it. We had chills, we laughed, we cried. We are very very excited. It’s a huge gift. ”

A relationship developed between Lara Fabian and Marie-Ève ​​Riverin over the two years, but never before have the three singers accompanied her.

“She did her research. She had listened to all our material and she had seen December, “said Marie-Eve.

The three sisters began rehearsals with the Belgian singer’s team. Marie-Eve is in charge of the arrangements.

Karine and Caroline, who are respectively a real estate agent and a coffee owner, have begun preparations for their departure.

“We will have the opportunity to come back. We’ll leave for two weeks, then we’ll be back for two weeks, explains Caroline. It’s a great management, we put things in place. It forces us to organize ourselves even better. But our children are great teenagers now and we have good partners who are aware of how lucky we are. “

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