Road brink to predict in Quebec at the end of the week

Plan a longer travel time to cross the capital if you take the road at the end of the week. Major obstacles in connection with the work on the Henri IV highway will make traffic very difficult from Saturday to Sunday at the beginning of construction holidays.
Transports Québec announces the complete closure of access to the Henri IV highway northbound at the Henri IV / Félix-Leclerc interchange (la Capitale) from Saturday, July 20 at 5:30 pm to Sunday, July 21 at 3 pm.

Motorists who want to go to Val-Belair and Shannon will have to make a detour via Félix-Leclerc and the boulevards Masson / l’Ormière boulevards.

At the same time, there will be complete closure of the access to the highway Henri IV south for the people who run on Félix-Leclerc in the west direction. The closure is effective from 18:30 Saturday to Sunday 15h.

Another important detour is planned. They will have to take the ramp on the Henri IV North motorway and return south on the ramps of Chauveau Avenue.

Traffic can be greatly disrupted throughout the arterial system of the capital.

Motorists from the west of the city and bridges who want to avoid traffic on Henri IV have limited options, besides the proposed bypass. Same thing for those arriving from the east by borrowing Félix Leclerc.

It is always possible to borrow Robert-Bourassa and Charest or to make a great detour through the city center and drive on the Laurentian Highway. By experience, the expected result may not be the desired one.

It must be said that the Félix Leclerc Highway at the boulevard Pierre-Bertrand exits has already been the subject of major repairs, with significant queues of cars every day since the beginning of the summer.

No choice

“We are aware of the disadvantages,” says Guillaume Paradis from the Communications Directorate of the Ministry of Transport. There are never any good weekends to complete this work. Before, it was the summer festival. And we did not want to do that on a festival night, “he adds.

“We have to do it at this time. It’s still pretty fast. I would say to you that it is the least worst of the solutions “, admits the one which recalls that the users live currently the” biggest years of the building site “.

The project cost of widening the Henri IV Highway is $ 290 million. To date, the department has awarded $ 175 million in contract for work begun in the fall of 2018. “We will be invasive for another two years,” warns Mr. Paradis. The work will be staggered until 2023.

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