Samuel Blais and the Stanley Cup parade through the streets of Montmagny

Shielded by Samuel Blais, the Stanley Cup marched through the streets of Montmagny, Wednesday noon. Place Montel is packed with a few thousand fans coming to cheer on their fellow NHL champion.
In the heat and humidity, the number 9 St. Louis Blues parade with the famous trophy aboard a van under the cries of “Sammy! Sammy! Sammy! “The journey took him from the local arena, which will no doubt take his name one day, to the public square facing City Hall and the church, where he was waiting. majority of the crowd.

“It’s a dream to live this! I know that the people of Montmagny have always supported me and I wanted to share it with them, thank them, “commented the star of the day, during a short press briefing where he had to wipe the sweat that beaded on his face to a few times.

Arrived at 9:30 at home from Sherbrooke, where his teammate David Perron had celebrated the day before with the trophy of Lord Stanley, the famous cup was first used to eat cereals Nestlé Quick chocolate. Then, of course, to drink champagne.

Blais will spend about two hours taking pictures and signing autographs, before bringing the precious home for a private party. Jimmy Gaudreault was the first online, from 6:30, to have the chance to congratulate Blais and get his picture with the Cup.

Blais will enjoy until midnight of the Stanley Cup, always accompanied by the guardian mandated by the Hall of Fame. Only the player and he can handle it or must be present if someone wants to touch it.

The Stanley Cup on Thursday will be in Fredericton, New Brunswick, where Jake Allen resides.

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