Scheer reiterates commitment to revise Canada’s new Food Guide

Visiting Saint-Hyacinthe’s Agricultural Expo south of Montreal on Tuesday, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer reiterated his commitment to revise Canada’s new Food Guide to better reflect the research being conducted by the food industry.
L has Last week, Mr. Scheer had aroused the ire of liberals telling farmers Saskatoon that the new guide was flawed and should be reconsidered. The new guide has slashed food groups and portions to focus on broader guidelines, including increased consumption of vegetable protein and water.

Liberals say the guide has been received very positively in the country, including by nutrition experts. They believe that Dr. Scheer is bowing to special interests and declaring war on Health Canada’s research.

“The reaction is exaggerated, they deserve an Oscar,” he quipped during a press briefing.

“I promised a review for all science to be considered. We know that there are some scientists worries, he said. It’s not for me, as prime minister, to lead the guide, it’s up to me to make sure the process is clean and that all the information is included. ”

Although Mr. Scheer rejected the Liberals’ claims that he was in the pay of the agricultural industry, he and the province’s dairy farmers have a common history.

Former rival Andrew Scheer, leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, Maxime Bernier, accuses him of colluding with the farmers of the province during the final months of the 2017 race. According to Mr. Bernier About 10,000 Quebeckers joined the Conservatives during this period, but did not renew their membership the following year.

Maxime Bernier, who wants to abolish the federal supply management system that protects the poultry, dairy and egg industry from foreign competition, claims that farmers joined the party to make sure that he be defeated by Mr. Scheer, who supports supply management. Andrew Scheer had finally won the race, by a very small margin.

Marcel Riendeau, 71, was one of those farmers who voted for Mr. Scheer in the leadership race for the Conservative Party. But he remains a member of the party.

“When (Justin) Trudeau showed up, I let go of voting Liberal, said this farmer from Saint-Hyacinthe. He says he’s standing “up,” but he’s not “standing,” he’s sitting, “he argued, referring to the last G7 summit in Charlevoix, when US President Donald Trump had Canadian prime minister of “weak and dishonest”.

Andrew Scheer will need more people like Mr. Riendeau on his side to win the riding of Saint-Hyacinthe-Bagot. The agricultural region is currently represented by the New Democrat Brigitte Sansoucy and the Conservatives finished fourth in 2015 with a star candidate, the former journalist Réjean Léveillé.

This year, the Conservative candidate is former TV boxing analyst Bernard Barré.

Lise Boulay, 56, said that although she voted for the Liberals in 2015, she was open to considering other parties, but not the Conservatives.

“I do not think so, said this constituent in the Granby area. It’s not in my convictions, in my values. He’s too conservative. “

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