Special intervention area: mayors on alert!

While municipalities have until August 19 to submit their requests for adjustments and comments regarding the special intervention zone (ZIS) decreed by Quebec, several hundred citizens have already asked to be excluded from the flood zones in question. However, if the flood waters usually have the effect of putting municipalities on the alert, this time, it is rather the government policy that puts the mayors on alert.
D Moreover Tuesday the mayor of Nicolet, Genevieve Dubois, held a working meeting to develop the arguments that will accompany the presentation of the registry Donald Martel MP while the mayor of Bécancour, Jean-Guy Dubois, convenes 207 residents concerned at a civic information evening that will take place at the multifunctional church, from 7:30 pm.

“To date, we have about 150 citizens who have asked not to be included in this area,” said the chief magistrate. In Nicolet, his counterpart reports that 241 people have already signed the register.

“Our emergency coordinator took all the water levels in 2017 and 2019. We will know what has been flooded or not. We will really support our argument. After that, we’re going to put that, with the register, back to Donald Martel and send it to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, “explains Ms. Dubois.

However, it maintains the idea of ​​thinking about development in the flood zones, “which should have been done for a long time”. “At home, people are built correctly, it sure touches us less. But still, it has a lot of impact because the area is huge for now, “she says.

“We liked how we worked before. We want to maintain the same municipal bylaws, apply the same rules here, it did not cause any problem. It is true that there, what we live, the citizens want information, want to have follow-ups, “adds the mayor.

However, she deplores again that everything happened during the summer. “It’s difficult for the municipalities and we live with the departments because they are also on vacation. We do not have an answer, it’s difficult to have follow-ups, we’re being pitched right and left, we’re not able to give information to citizens. There are some who are starting to find it difficult and have some frustration. I understand because we have a hard time getting answers and August 19th is soon, “continues Genevieve Dubois.

In short, she says, “they did not make our life easy.” “In addition, at home, it has cost, I have had extra time because I have people on vacation. This decree also has financial impacts for the City. This is the record of the hour, “added the one that will receive Thursday the visit of the deputy of Vaudreuil and spokesperson of the official opposition in matters of Public Security, Marie-Claude Nichols, for a tour of the area.

In Louiseville, Mayor Yvon Deshaies is still raging. “It’s sure it’s disappointing. It’s a lack of respect for my citizens, “he said, as fifty requests for exclusion were sent to City Hall where the Director of Permits and Planning is full. arms.

It tells how some owners must now give up work when they have never experienced floods. Others are now struggling to sell their property. “The world is worried. It’s a pack of trouble. Even our retention ponds have been put into the flood zone. At first, citizens thought it was the City that did that. We eat nonsense. We could have done without it. We are disappointed that they shoveled us like that. They could have told us about it. It’s a shame, “he said.

In fact, for the next public sitting, the chief justice is considering passing a resolution asking the government to extend the comment period and to move “because there are some who want to build something”. “They do not have the choice to revise that,” says Deshaies.

Finally, his Yamachiche counterpart, Paul Carbonneau, indicates that a letter was sent to all those affected. And of the 30 or so citizens targeted by the correspondence, only a few have spoken so far to ask to be excluded from the flood zone.

“But they still have time. It’s the holidays. They targeted people who have never been flooded. I think it’s a little fast, “he concludes.

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