Stallone in Cannes: confidences of a star still in action

“Rocky”, “Rambo”, but also Schwarzennegger, Belmondo and … Bruce Springsteen: celebrated by the Cannes Film Festival on Friday, 72-year-old star Sylvester Stallone made the show by evoking her memories during her class of master, in front of an audience that has reserved for him a triumph.

“The producers wanted Burt Reynolds, Robert Redford. They would have preferred a kangaroo rather than me. We shot the movie in 25 days for less than a million dollars. Everyone was working for free. The cameraman had not filmed anything before. Everything was doomed to failure. But on screen there is Rocky, this lonely man who is reborn by meeting a woman. At the time in 1976 in the United States, the climate was tense, very political. And I, naive I make this film optimistic, which announced the change to come.


“The two turtles of the first Rocky are still alive. They must be 55 years old. These are my only friends today, the others are dead! ”

The famous steps

“Rocky running up the famous steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art symbolized self-transcendence. There is a scene I cut where he fails to climb the stairs carrying his dog, which was really big and heavy. In the end, my legs were shaking in all directions! ”


“Nobody wanted it. The character is wild, but he is also a broken man who returns home and is rejected. This film is not political, it is a story about alienation. These veterans have suffered tremendous psychological damage. Rambo is a killing machine, but I could not reduce it to that. So I made him express his loneliness, his pain, to evoke empathy. ”


“After Rocky , I quickly knew that I was limited as an actor because of my physique. If I had wanted to be Tootsie and if Dustin Hoffmann had played Rambo , it would not have worked. ”


“Baby, I had a [partial facial paralysis] that caused me a pronunciation defect. By the way, when I started shooting in pubs, the director did not understand what I was saying. When I think about it, I think that Arnold [Schwarzennegger] and I should open a school of diction! ”


“Jean-Paul [who offered him a picture of him autographed], I like him a lot. I wanted to do a remake of Borsalino with Kurt Russell, but it never came to fruition. ”

Rocky IV

“I wanted an actor who would be giant to suggest an imbalanced fight. When Dolph Lundgren introduced himself, I hated him. Proof that he was perfect for Ivan Drago. The fight was shot in two months. I wanted it violent and I was served. We really hit each other. He punched my heart who sent me to intensive care for four days. The doctors thought I had a shock in the car. ”


“I have some, especially for choices I made. My daughter has often asked me why I played in so shabby movies! ”


“For this film, I thought to myself” it’s an opportunity to do something else “. I gained weight, I worked my body language. I wanted to test myself, to see if I was going to climb Robert De Niro and Harvey Keitel. ”


“Schwarzennegger and I were rivals, of course. I need to hate someone, it stimulates me. We are still friends and had to wait 35 years to get together at the movies in Les sacrifiés . Before, we had never managed to agree. ”


“In my mind, I imagined Bruce Springsteen with a rifle. This character was great, but I missed it. ”

Rocky Balboa

“After the failure of Rocky V , I was depressed. My career was crumbling, nobody reminded me. The producers did not want a sixth Rocky . In this episode, there is the boxing, but especially the sorrow, this personage who becomes alone with the death of his wife. How to handle that? I wanted to tell this emptiness. This film was more difficult to edit than the first one. It was the high point of my life as an artist. “

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