Stuck in a container of cocaine in a heat wave, they call the police

They feared to suffocate in a closed container during a heat wave: two men suspected of receiving cocaine on the port of Antwerp (Belgium) called the police to free them from this trap, before being arrested.
The two men, aged 24 and 25, were imprisoned Thursday after being brought before an investigating judge, the Antwerp public prosecutor said in a statement.

The facts occurred Wednesday on one of the quays of the gigantic commercial port, considered the main point of entry into Europe of cocaine from South America.

In the middle of the morning, the Antwerp police receive on his emergency number a call from two men saying “trapped” in a metal container inside which “they took drugs”, according to the statement of the parquet .

It takes almost two hours to locate them on the harbor.

Opening the container, the police officers, arms extended, weapon in hand, discover two men shirtless, who let themselves be controlled on the ground without opposing resistance, according to a video of the intervention that circulated on social networks.

Port employees water their necks with water bottles to relieve heat, while temperatures have sometimes exceeded Wednesday 40 ° C in Belgium.

The quantity of drugs found in the container was not specified by the prosecutor’s office who simply referred to “a lot of cocaine”. Hundreds of kilos of cocaine, according to the local newspaper Gazet van Antwerpen.

The suspects are both from the agglomeration of Antwerp.

More than 50 tons of cocaine were seized in 2018 in the port of Antwerp, the largest volume ever recorded on the site, according to official figures.

Since 2014, the annual quantities seized have been multiplied by six.

Antwerp is Europe’s second largest freight port after Rotterdam (Netherlands).

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