Symposium of Baie-Saint-Paul: from architecture to the environment

Twelve artistic projects will take shape during the Baie-Saint-Paul Symposium, which kicked off on Friday. Crossing the themes of art, architecture, landscape and the environment, curator Sylvie Lacerte orchestrated this celebration of art in the making.
Q UATRE axes form the theme of the 37th Symposium of Baie-Saint-Paul, the second under the leadership of Ms. Lacerte, who had invited artists to explore the links between art and politics last year.

“For this year, I was thinking about public art and how art and architecture get married or not. Then, seeing some artists from last year like Marie-Christiane Mathieu, who were very interested in the landscape, I added this component, very relevant in the Charlevoix region, “explains the Commissioner. The environment, whose preservation is a major current issue, also evokes for her the sound environment, a territory explored by the duo Béchard Hudon, which is part of the 2019 selection and which focuses on the sound of architectural spaces, like the church steeples.

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