Thank you Francois Bourque for a City of Quebec on a human scale

In response to the column “Worn by the wind of the beach” published July 18
I would like to thank you for your text on the Jacques-Cartier Beach and the Strike Trail, one of those “places we love” and that we must constantly rediscover. Your article describes an enchanting site that you know well, as does its story. Your look is precious because it invites you to attend one of the “most beautiful parks in Quebec [which is] also a symbol of courage” with, as a result, 2.6 km of “public happiness”. One downside however: you do not say anything about the glaring problem of erosion that gnaws the banks of the river in places. It is not that you do not know the situation, but you have chosen to focus on attractions rather than on this issue that has been dragging on for too long.

Back in Quebec after a 12-year exile, I sometimes worry about the erosion that threatens certain attractions of the capital, I think of its urban woodlands and its canopy put under pressure by blind densification. You seem to share this concern when you noticed, last January, that “In the turbulence of the news, we sometimes forget to say and say how beautiful this city is and offers a great quality of life.” You then describe another place we love, the Petit Champlain neighborhood.

Your concern for the quality of life appears clearly in the treatment you have reserved for the Sisters of Charity, the Samuel-De Champlain Parkway and sustainable mobility through the structuring network and the questioning of a third link. “To build the cities of tomorrow, we explain to you, we must get out of our cars.” To say the same thing differently: to make Quebec a “city of tomorrow”, it must be conceived on a human scale rather than in the style of an American-style capital with its skyscrapers and highways that forever disfigure the landscape. Through your enlightened view of mobility, land use planning and natural environments, you contribute directly to our quality of life, and I deeply appreciate it. Thank you!

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