The 10th party!: Festive wave in a stream of summer visitors

We already feel the electricity in the air. Baie-Saint-Paul is preparing to welcome 40,000 festival-goers, in addition to the steady stream of vacationers and day-trippers who come here to stroll, pedal or paddle. On Saint-Jean-Baptiste Street, all this beautiful people mix. In the background, we hear the sound test of the praises and the bursts of happy voices of the cocktail at L’Auberge des Balcons.
The day started early to catch the 9am train at the bottom of Montmorency Falls, where striking Sépaq employees paraded with placards and megaphones. Once on board with bike and luggage, all you have to do is to be swallowed by the breathtaking scenery, the river shining brightly in the sun, the view of the meadows and the invisible cliffs of the road. The trip is longer than by car – 2:15 rather than 1:20 – but has the advantage of allowing us to arrive at Baie Saint-Paul more zen, and ready for the three evenings (or even nights) of shows that begin .

Tight rope

The city fills up little by little. As in an extended family meeting, we rope and we cohabit happily. The inns are full, the campsites are starting to look like small tented and motorized villages and every free room in the houses seems to be occupied by visiting relatives or friends.

In addition to Place Desjardins, the largest stage in the former schoolyard adjacent to the new pavilion of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Baie-Saint-Paul, and the Sirius XM stage, a large tent in the parking lot. face, the gauges are very small. Parking, a backyard, the basement of the church, a bar, a bus … trivial places that will be transformed, soon, by communions and services boosted.

Already at 3:30 pm, the Gipsy Pigs brass band performed an impromptu performance in front of the trailer, rue Saint-Jean-Baptiste. In addition to all that is on the “official” schedule and which will force us to make choices, the number of surprises continues to multiply at the Festive! We already understand, after having discussed with several regulars, that the festival does not cultivate big crowds, but rather memorable moments.

Forget the clues given 24 hours in advance for the pop up of the summer festival. Here, it’s a few hours ahead that the tickets for the delivery of Heartstreet are sold on a bus at 1am. For the unpredictable, we speak of notifications “a few minutes in advance”. In short, it will be necessary to leave the sickly planning aside and jump on the train – or on the bus – when the opportunity arises.

There are still some things you do not want to miss, such as Alexandra Stéliski’s concert under the stars, at midnight, at Jardin de François.

The party is launched

Thursday night, the party started with Les Louanges, whose enthusiastic admirers (more and more numerous) were at the rendezvous. The young singer-songwriter from Lévis has earned a spot on the short list of Polaris finalists this week.

Then Motel Quality warmed up the place with its mix of kitschy songs, pop classics (including a nod to Luc De Larochellière, who played earlier in the room) and compositions with guests. They recalled that Basilic, one of their hymn, was born two years ago in the tent not far from there and ended up playing Alegria, a nice nod to the city that saw the birth of Cirque du Soleil. , whose birthday inspired the creation of the Festive!

Fanny Bloom, Sarahmée and Vinny Bombay went up to join them for a song, while Jonathan Drouin, who was dancing with unbridled energy at the start of the show, injured his ankle and had to let his four followers continue. without him.

The atmosphere was well installed. It followed the tempo in the ephemeral kitchen of the Faux Shepherds and the Black Sheep, where a team was busy preparing pancakes and hot dogs of organic meat for the hungry.

Before the headliners of the evening, Naya Ali came to deliver some songs from the top of a landing of the fire escape of the building on the left of the stage. A beautiful idea to furnish the waiting while making discover an artist to the public.

Chromeo has surfed on a more techno and suave wave, with several sounds reminiscent of the ’80s – and illuminated female legs as console feet. If the duo was visibly expected by spectators adorned with bright rods and neon colors, the high level of decibels and the time of fall have driven us from the site. We’ll tell you more tomorrow.

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