The conviction of rapper Meek Mill canceled after 12 years of proceedings

The conviction of rapper Meek Mill for possession of narcotics was canceled Wednesday by a Pennsylvanian appeals court, paving the way for a new trial for the artist become a symbol of dysfunctions of the judicial system American.
C ‘is a new episode in the judicial route endless Rihmeek Robert Williams Mill, real name, which lasts for 12 years now.

Arrested in 2007 and sentenced the following year for possession of weapons and narcotics, Meek Mill had spent six months in detention before being granted early release, with judicial review.

He has not committed any offense since then, but, having violated the terms of his judicial review, having left the county without authorization and undergoing several positive drug tests, he was again detained in November 2017.

The magistrate who has been dealing with her case since the beginning of the proceedings has thus sentenced him to an additional two years’ imprisonment.

The rapper was then given sympathy and, after an appeal, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ordered his release in April 2018.

In a ruling on Wednesday, the Pennsylvania Superior Court overturned the initial conviction and the additional sentence, paving the way for a new trial. The prosecutor may also decide to abandon the prosecution.

The three magistrates felt it was necessary for the case to be handled by a new judge, magistrate Genece Brinkley, who had followed the case from start to finish, having been accused of bias.

The initial conviction was also tarnished by the fact that the only witness, a Philadelphia police officer, has since resigned. An internal investigation has shown that he lied and stole in the line of duty.

New label

Meek Mill (à droite) a créé un nouveau label, Dream Chasers, en collaboration avec la maison de disques de Jay-Z (à gauche), Roc Nation.

In January, Meek Mill announced the launch, along with rapper Jay-Z, of a move to demand a reform of the American judicial system, in which, according to them, the prison occupies a place far too important and penalizes in particular blacks .

Wednesday’s court decision coincided with Meek Mill’s announcement of the creation of a new label, Dream Chasers, in collaboration with Jay-Z record label Roc Nation.

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