The famous pitcher Isaac Pavlik will come out of retirement for a match with the Capitals

Holder of the record for the most career victories in the Can-Am League, former New Jersey Jackals pitcher Isaac Pavlik will be retiring on Friday to make a start with the Quebec Capitals, according to which The Sun has learned.
P avlik last started in the Can-Am League in 2017 and has not played since. He has won 100 wins in the Jackals uniform between the seasons of 2005 and 2017.

Reflecting on short-term solutions, manager Patrick Scalabrini came up with the idea of ​​asking Pavlik if he could help him during a match. The two men sometimes exchange text messages, even if Pavlik is no longer in the Can-Am League. Fans who rarely miss games at Stade Canac will remember that Pavlik had already played the American national anthem before a game against the Capitals, and was a formidable opponent.

Due to the loss of Scott Richmond, gone to the Pan-An Games, and the injury to Nick Antone, the Capitals needed help to fill a few holes in their rotation during this period when many players are missing because of the baseball tournament played in Lima, Peru.

The recent signing of Austin Chrismon, a former Ottawa Champions who is scheduled to start on Thursday, was also aimed at having a quality pitcher on the hill. Karl Gélinas (1-5) will be starting the Capital, Wednesday, and will be followed by the two new acquisitions, Chrismon (2-3), Thursday, and Pavlik, Friday.

The Capitals are deprived of several regulars because of the Pan American Games. These days, Cubans Yordan Manduley and Stayler Hernandez, Canadians Scott Richmond, Dustin Molleken and Connor Panas, and Jonathan de Marte, representing Israel in another international tournament, are doing well.

Peley under contract

Recall that Sunday, after the game against the Champions, the Capitals announced that the outfielder Tyson Gillies had been released. Like the thrower Vladimir Garcia, the veteran left-handed hitter was advised that his services were no longer required after the Pan-Am Games.

The Capitals were already looking for another batter to occupy his locker. For the time being, they called on their former receiver, Josué Peley, who retired in 2015 to become an interpreter with the Toronto Blue Jays. Peley played his first match on Tuesday at Canac Stadium in the Capitals’ 12-3 win over the Eagles of Trois-Rivières. He hit two hits in five appearances and produced two points.

The Capitals receive the Eagles again, Wednesday (19h) at the Stade Canac. They currently point to 5.5 games in fourth place in the Can-Am League standings.

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