The Hells Angels at Laterriere

The passage of members of the Quebec Hells Angels in Laterrière, at the end of the week, will not go unnoticed, neither for the general population nor for the police officers of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ).
P Porte-parole SQ for the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean Hugues Beaulieu confirmed that outlaw motorcycle must stop in the area. “This will be an opportunity for our police force to replenish and rejuvenate our photo album. Police operations are planned throughout the weekend, “said Mr. Beaulieu.

“In fact, as with every rally, and not just for the Hells Angels, we will do surveillance and we will make sure that no criminal acts are committed and visitors will respect the law. And we will feel our presence, “resumed Mr. Beaulieu.

According to TVA, the meeting would take place at the sugar bush Au sucre d’or.

Regionally, the Hells Angels no longer have the same visibility as in past years. The two members identified at the club, the Laterrois Bernard “Ben” Plourde and Jean-François “Frank” Bergeron, of Desbiens, are currently in prison.


If SQ police are preparing for the coming of motorcyclists, they are not at the first opportunity.

A few years ago, the Hells Angels used to meet in Lac-Saint-Jean. They will be in Laterrière at the end of the week.
A few years ago, the Hells Angels used to meet in Lac-Saint-Jean. They will be in Laterrière at the end of the week.

In recent years, the Hells Angels have become used to spending a weekend in the territory of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean.

Although they have celebrated Saint-Gédéon a few times, they have changed course since last year.

The first holiday weekend of construction 2018 had also led to some events in the region, including a collision on Route 175.

An SQ policeman intercepted a dozen bikers in the Laurentian Wildlife Sanctuary. Two members of the biker club had refused to cooperate with the officer and he had to threaten them with an electric pulse gun (taser gun) to get them to do it.

The action was filmed and broadcast on social networks.

And during the weekend, operations were conducted between Saint-Bruno and Saint-Gédéon. And more surveillance had been done at Saint-David de Falardeau, the place where the bikers had gathered.

In addition, last Saturday (July 20, 2019), the police invited themselves to the celebrations surrounding the fifth anniversary of the Devils Ghosts in Sherbrooke. The agents conducted a check on the participants’ motorcycles.

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