The Kameleon hit again by a vehicle

For the second time in two months, a vehicle sank in the building that houses the co-working space La Station on Charest Boulevard, Thursday afternoon, in Quebec City. There were no injuries.
At 12:25, a sport utility vehicle hit a window on the ground floor of the building, which also houses the Le Kaméléon condos. Nobody was in the commercial premises at the time of the accident. The showcase broke under the impact.

“We are talking about a driver who fell asleep at the wheel,” says David Poitras, spokesperson for the Quebec City Police Service (SPVQ).

An accident of the same kind occurred in almost the same place about two months ago. On May 22, a car burst into La Station’s cafeteria. The collision left 12 injured and left dozens of witnesses in shock. The majority of the injuries were caused by broken glass from broken windows and by smoke inhalation.

The driver involved in the Thursday afternoon accident was driving eastbound when she lost control of her vehicle at the corner of Hermine Street, which is perpendicular to Charest Boulevard. She crossed the road and then hit the building.

On May 22, the driver who drove into the building was traveling at great speed east on Charest Boulevard. He collided with another vehicle a few hundred meters before his loss of control at the corner of Langelier Boulevard.

Crusading near the smashed showcase, Thursday afternoon, one of the managers of the building was shaken by the proximity between the two accidents.

Rethinking the road?

“It’s been twice in a short time. It may be necessary to rethink the configuration of the road. Before, it was a wasteland here. Now there are a lot of pedestrians going around, “he says.

But for now, the manager has mostly questions. “Are these isolated cases? Is there a link? Is the road wrongly configured? Is it a space that is more dangerous? We do not know. It would be worthwhile to look into it.

The location where the impact occurred was under reconstruction following the first accident. “It’s better that it’s happening now than in six months after it’s renovated,” says the manager.

A condo owner, whose balcony is located almost right above the accident site, believes that the City of Quebec should install cement walls on Charest before another accident occurs. “They have to put something in because it does not make sense,” she says.

During the May 22 accident, which occurred at noon, La Station workers had exceptionally left the cafeteria for a ukulele lesson in an adjacent meeting room. Had it not been for that chance, the collision could have caused much more serious injuries.


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