The Madeleine visited by a great white shark

A large white shark has been sailing for a few days in the Gulf of St. Lawrence a few kilometers off the coast of the Magdalen Islands.
The more than 2.7-meter-long shark trail can be traced by the US non-profit organization Ocearch, since it has been equipped since February with a satellite chip.

Ocearch reports that this is the first time that a great white shark is located so close to the Quebec archipelago.

The animal was named Brunswick because it was off this town in the US state of Georgia that it was first spotted near the border with Florida. Since February, he has skirted the Atlantic coast to the north and was sighted last month near Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick.

He then skirted Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, to get closer to the Îles-de-la-Madeleine archipelago. It was last located near the island of Havre aux Maisons, which has three agglomerations.

The satellite chip allows the Ocearch team of scientists to track the movements of the great marine predator and its feeding habits, among others.

Using satellite technology, Ocearch tracks the movements and behaviors of other animals such as whales, turtles, dolphins and alligators.

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