“The number of complaints has tripled” since the dog attack in Potton

Dog owners in Potton just have to stand. Since the attack on jogger Dominique Alain, the number of complaints about delinquent teachers has skyrocketed and the Township of Potton ensures the best possible follow-up for each of them.
“We spend a lot more time managing dog complaints now, compared to before the famous attack. I would say that the number of complaints has tripled in fact. People do not let anything happen, “said Mayor Jacques Marcoux.

Attacked by dogs, Dominique Alain thwarts the predictions

On March 29, Dominique Alain was running on the way to the Airport, in Potton, when she was savagely attacked by three masters owned by Allan Barnes. The animals snatched pieces of muscle and skin from him. It retains severe sequelae, despite the many surgeries.

When there is a complaint, a representative of the Township of Potton meets the dog owner involved. And it seems that, in a general way, the teachers who have been singled out are showing their listening and goodwill.

“We get good collaboration from the owners. You know, things have changed here. Just think about what happens in the village: almost all dogs are on a leash now. This was not the case in the past, “says Jacques Marcoux.

In order to help masters keep control of their animals, the Township of Potton has arranged for an obedience course to be offered to its citizens.

“The ten participants are entitled to ten group lessons. It’s every week. I know someone who is registered and is satisfied. This is a course that could be offered again in the future, if the demand is there. ”

In the process, Mr. Marcoux confides that he would like the Estrie Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) to offer a training session for dog owners in the short term. This one would undoubtedly improve the course already programmed by the municipality.

An increased role

Since it is about the SPA, Jacques Marcoux reveals that the Township of Potton recently signed an agreement with this organization. The agreement gives the agency new powers to manage dangerous dogs in Potton.

“Currently, we are in the process of reviewing our animal regulations,” added the Mayor. Our old regulations prevented the SPA to intervene quickly during the attack suffered by Dominique Alain. We wanted improvements. For example, the SPA itself will have the power to order euthanasia, if necessary. ”

Mr. Marcoux also pointed out that the next version of the by-law concerning the animals of his municipality will include “new rules” that will be imposed by the Quebec government, which felt the need to react after the attack of March 29th.

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