The oasis according to Gestev

Overwhelmed with concern – you think of your data sold by Desjardins, climate change, Trump, uranium enrichment and the apocalypse – you deserve a real holiday out of this crazy society . Rest assured: Gestev has provided you with the Bay of Beauport an idyllic place to rest from the noise of the world.
The large palisades that the Quebecor firm has erected recently around the beach will protect you from thugs. Stretch two little bucks of nothing and we will open the gate; you will buy a tranquility raising you above the dangerous budget too tight to afford a tan along the St. Lawrence. Irritating, is not it, that so many public places like the Plains of Abraham or Victoria Park are freely accessible to all kinds of people. Gestev has solved this problem by managing as a private space – with all the comfort that this implies, at the beach as Walmart, music in the carpet and guaranteed mercantile atmosphere – a public place which the City of Quebec first delegated management at the Port of Quebec, which in turn delegated him to Gestev.

At Beauport Bay, you will not be bothered by those unaware who buy their alcohol at a low price in grocery stores, preventing the economy from rolling on the beaches, since only the consumptions bought on the spot at high prices will be tolerated. You will even be searched at the entrance to prevent any priests’ bitterness from entering the premises.

Beach or prison? It is true that sometimes the tongue fork, especially at the sight of barbed wire that extend the palisades, keeping the beach of the most determined aggressors desperate to defraud the honest swimmers.

Safely behind these barriers of standing wood and money ringing, you can bask on your towel, you walk on your feet among your fellow who drink expensive beer paid by the thousands, and enjoy this view of the island from Orleans which one could still contemplate for free a few years ago – but to what perils, you will say to me rightly.

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