The purchase of online food is gaining popularity in Quebec

Most Quebeckers still prefer to shop for their own food, but a study shows that more and more people are adopting online food products, including by subscription.
A study recently released by the Center for Research and Innovation in Organizations (CEFRIO) estimates that about 7 per cent of the adult population made an online purchase of food products. December 2018 to last February. The buyers were mainly adults under 55 years of age, more university graduates and with at least one child at home.

For grocery orders made online, the island of Montreal posted a slightly higher rate of followers.

Online shopping includes options already known, such as simply placing an order on the web that will be assembled by staff of a grocery store and given to the customer when it comes to pick it up in a store or at a location pickup.

It also includes online orders in the form of subscriptions, baskets called ready to cook. CEFRIO has found that their popularity is mainly based on the possibilities of obtaining fresh produce, encouraging the local economy and obtaining eco-responsible products.

CEFRIO also noted the emergence of new online business approaches. For example, applications that allow consumers to receive significant discounts on foods with an expiry date approaching.

There is also a digital market for sale without intermediaries, in which growers and processors are registered.

And companies offer online subscription service that offers fresh fruits and vegetables in addition to a boutique featuring a range of home-delivered meat cuts in less than 24 hours.

Claire Bourget, Senior Director Marketing Research for CEFRIO, anticipates that the adoption of new business models in e-commerce will bring major changes to the food distribution industry in Quebec.

The CEFRIO study was conducted among 1002 people; it was conducted in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPAQ) and the Maxi food retailer.

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