Three people arrested in a case of procuring in Beauport

Three people from the Montreal area were arrested Friday in Quebec in a case of procuring in which three women in their twenties lived under the influence of suspects and had to give them all the money from their prostitution.
U do public information led the police at a residence on boulevard Sainte-Anne, Beauport, where they found two elderly women in their twenties in the company of three suspects. According to the Quebec police, the victims were under the influence of the suspects, prostituted themselves and handed over all the money collected. A third victim, also in her twenties, was also identified but was not on the scene at the time of the police passage.

When questioned by the police, the three suspects appeared Saturday morning by videoconference. A 19-year-old man, Mohamed-Lamroui Bouaoukaz, was charged with procuring while a 24-year-old woman, Dlarele Abellard, was charged with obtaining a material benefit from the provision of sexual services. A minor person, for his part, appeared for knowingly advertising sexual services for a fee.

√Čtienne Doyon, Quebec police spokesman, could not establish when the group began its “activities” in the capital. Like the accused, the victims in this case would be mainly from the Montreal area. The investigation is still ongoing and new charges may be submitted to the prosecutor later.

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