Towards a framework policy for the development of municipalities?

Municipalities are funded primarily by property taxes paid by citizens and often mention the percentage of 70%.
This funding model gives great power to real estate developers who propose projects to municipalities.

The municipalities seem almost systematically to accept these projects, the services offered to the citizens depend on them. When citizens, concerned about the quality of life in their communities, express reservations or even opposition to a real estate project, they are accused of the syndrome “not in my backyard”, because municipalities are forced to favor densification in the perspective of fight against greenhouse gases, etc.

Citizens generally demand more democracy and transparency from elected municipal officials. This also implies active listening to their points of view as well as explanations that make them feel that they are not faced with a fait accompli. Citizens also expect municipal elected officials to show a sense of responsibility so that there is no doubt that choices are made according to the common good.

However, is there a question of the common good when elected officials intend to grant permits in flood zones? The question seems all the more relevant as the floods multiply, worsening in recent years. It has even been seen that some municipalities faced significant difficulties in supporting their citizens who had to be evacuated from their homes.

Is it not a sign that municipalities have great difficulty acting as real local governments, something that was passed under the last Liberal government? Municipalities granting building permits in the flood zone seem to me to see their interests in the short term only.

Would it not be necessary to undertake a project on the reform of municipal financing methods coupled with work on regional planning?

As an ordinary citizen, it seems important to me to bring solidarity to fellow citizens struck by a natural disaster.

However, I believe it is essential that we all work to ensure that such situations as those experienced in Quebec in the spring of 2019 do not happen again. The support capacity of Quebeckers is not unlimited, elected officials of both levels of government should take better account.

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