Tramway: Legault refuses to “give up” in front of Ottawa

The Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ) and Quebec Solidaire (QS) are calling on the Legault government to stop the “sneeze” on the Quebec City streetcar file and fund it with the federal money already on the table, while the Parti Quebecois (PQ) is on the side of the Prime Minister, who refuses to “give up” in front of Ottawa.
The common front of the opposition broke down Wednesday morning in the file of the structuring transport of Quebec. The PQ withdrew at the last minute from a joint press conference with the PLQ and QS, because its leader Pascal Bérubé did not want to adopt a “surrender” position against the federal government.

“I prefer to stand together with the Quebec government to get the money for Quebec, for Montreal, for the regions,” said Bérubé, who believes that “Canada must go to the fund”.

Prime Minister François Legault was delighted that there was at least one party “standing with us”. “I intend to continue to fight for the federal government to fund its share,” he said.

Red carpet

For Taschereau MP Catherine Dorion, the question is not there. In a video posted on social media, she directly calls on Prime Minister François Legault. “You’re rolling out the red carpet for the Ottawa Conservatives. You know that they do not trip on the tram project and that if they could put the tram money on the third link, they would be happy and you too. ”

The PLQ abounds in the same direction. “Why is it so complicated in the file of the structuring transport network and so simple in the file of the third link?” Launched its leader Pierre Arcand.

Alexandre Turgeon, General Manager of the Regional Council of the Environment of the Capitale-Nationale, participated in the press conference of the PLQ and QS, before telling journalists a few minutes later that he is finally more comfortable with the idea of ​​the PQ, that we must put pressure on Ottawa to get more money for all public transit projects in Quebec.

The stake of the structuring transport network monopolized several exchanges in room Wednesday. Treasury Board President Christian Dubé called on MPs to stand together against Ottawa and instead accuse the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ). “The division that is settling between our four parties on this issue is exactly what the federal government wants, a few months before the elections,” he said.

Mayor’s Texts

Mr. Dubé hopes that the Quebec parliamentarians will make the “gift” to agree to the Mayor of Quebec Régis Labeaume for his return to active politics, he who is currently on forced leave to cure cancer. “He sends text messages. He has to rest, but he’s cheating a bit, “Dubé said of Mayor Labeaume. The member for Jean-Talon, Sébastien Proulx, who had the project unblocked last year when he was minister responsible for the Capitale-Nationale, extolled his merits. His colleague Gaétan Barrette believes that the CAQ, which “swims in the surplus”, has all the means at its disposal to achieve it.

At the end of the day, Catherine Dorion defended herself from having given up on Ottawa, arguing that her party is also calling for greater autonomy in the management of the various funds. She doubts, however, about the CAQ’s strategy at the moment. “Why did you decide to take this project hostage?”


Complicated the financing of the tramway in Quebec? Member of Parliament Catherine Dorion believes that the public is “involved” and chose to explain the issue using pots Mason in a video posted on social networks on Tuesday.

An idea that pleased the President of the Treasury Board Christian Dubé, who decided to use it also in a debate in Chamber Wednesday. Mr. Dubé released from under his desk a Mason jar decorated with a Canadian flag with greenbacks inside. This pot was covered with a lid bearing the logo of the Liberal Party of Quebec. “You are right, the money is there, but we are not able to open the pot. There is a lid that has been sealed by the Liberal Party, “he said. Mr. Dubé tried to argue that his government was “prisoner of the jar” to finance public transit in Quebec.

However, he had to hide his pot Mason after being warned by the Vice-President of the National Assembly, Chantal Soucy, that parliamentary rules do not allow to show such an object.

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