Two men play the heroes at La Tuque

The Tuque – “I do not know if it’s pride, because I think it was a duty. We had to act. “One of the busiest arteries in the city of La Tuque could have been the scene of a dramatic scene around dinner time on Saturday. Fortunately the intervention of Vincent Lambert and Stéphane Boutin avoided the worst. The two men quickly got off the truck and began a race to stop the running vehicle of a citizen who was feeling unwell.
“His light was green, he did not move. We looked, we were perpendicular to him. The tanks began to want to get around it and there, I saw that it began to have convulsions, “says Vincent Lambert.

The latter was driving the vehicle in which his friend Stephane Boutin and his children were sitting. As soon as the traffic light turned green, they approached the vehicle and the driver in distress on Ducharme Boulevard.

“I walked beside him and asked him if it was okay. He did not answer. There, he began to move forward. Probably his foot fell next to the station wagon … I geared on the setback and I left behind him. I parked in the lane and I ran after it. […] I did not think, I acted, it happened alone. I did not even think, I just said, we need to stop, “he says.

“The world was watching, but no one was reacting. We started running, I took my phone, I did 911. I’m not local so they located me, I did not know where I was. They told us what to do and they sent help. […] We were running each other on our side trying to get into the truck. We absolutely wanted to stop it “adds Stéphane Boutin.

The two men, La Tuque and Victoriaville, tried somehow to remove the keys of the vehicle to stop his race.

“I ran and I saw he was not there,” says Vincent Lambert.

“We could see the truck that wanted to get on the platform and we could see the lamppost coming. We did not want it to burst any more, he continues. I was trying to shoot the steering. The sidewalk band held him back a bit because the wheel lurched in. At one point, he was going to the traffic, that’s where I gave him the shot to put him on park. It had to stop. If we had not reacted, it is clear that it could have ended badly, “he adds.

It took about two long minutes for the good Samaritans to stop the vehicle.

“It was fast! When we managed to stop him, we realized that the guy was not really there. He was fainting and convulsing, “they note.

Vincent Lambert and Stéphane Boutin then secured the premises and waited for the arrival of help. Barely 24 hours after the event, the adrenaline went down and the two men believe they have acted like a good citizen.

“We would have liked someone to do it if it had been us,” assures Stéphane Boutin who should remember this visit to La Tuque for a long time.

“It’s also a good lesson for others. You must not be afraid to act. I could have missed as if there was nothing, but I could see that it did not work … We do not know what could have happened, “says Vincent Lambert.

Citizens passing by were also present at the scene. They saw the truck roll on the platform and the two men who played the heroes.

“At first, it was believed that people were trying to stop a drunk driver, but later, when the paramedics arrived, we realized that the person must have felt unwell. The people who stopped the truck had a great reflex, because there were a lot of cars on the spot, they may have avoided a serious accident, “testified Rémy Dauphinais.

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