Wrestling champion at age 16

If you defeat Mégane Brulotte with the wrist shot and you lose, do not try the other arm. You’re wasting your breath. Because the 16-year-old Estrienne is the Canadian champion of the right arm … and the left arm.
M egane Brulotte trains with the Sherbrooke Warrior Armwrestling Team in Richmond and after winning both national titles last year in Laval, she defended her two crowns in Edmonton last weekend.

“My father introduced me to wrist shots at the age of 14. My two younger sisters had also participated in this competition two years ago, even my four-year-old sister! I immediately liked to feel the adrenaline rush when the audience encouraged me just before arriving at the table. It’s like a drug. I’m also training at the gym for that. I do a lot of isometry. My workout does not look like other people at the gym. I often hold the same position with the weights, without moving, to improve my stamina, “says Bolton’s teenager.

His father Jocelyn Brulotte is also well known in the world of hand-shooting. It can also be seen a few times in the series Arms broadcast to Canal D.

“I got the sting four years ago when a friend invited me to play this sport. I competed in four provincial championships and managed to climb the podium for the first time this year. I also participated in the Nationals this year. I am especially proud of having beaten some good shots from Quebec. I have some great victories to my credit since 2016, the year I started, “he says.

Mégane Brulotte has no competition in its category. Few can compete against her.

“I did not have a lot of competition for Provincials or Nationals. I won my duels quite easily. I can not wait to face older girls. Because in the junior, it’s still pretty easy. I would be ready for adults, but women have been training for a long time, whereas I started two years ago. So I will continue to practice. ”

“Of course, it’s very physical as a sport, but it’s tremendously mental too,” continues his father. We must have a good technique. Sometimes, smaller ones fight me. ”

“One day I would like to be a Canadian women’s champion,” continues Mégane Brulotte. I will continue to make the effort needed to reach my goal. ”

Since the broadcast of the series Arms , the reputation of the wrist shot is better in Quebec. This change of mentality occurred a few years ago according to Jocelyn Brulotte.

“Many believe that we start wrist shots in bars, but we see that less and less. Yes, we still think it’s a sport at the bar. But that’s it. We talk about an amateur or professional sport. And anyway, it’s dangerous when you do not know the right technique. We can easily get hurt. “

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