10 couples perfect 2 : A new match is found, Illan kisses Célia before Hilona… Replay of episode 35

Tonight in 10 couples perfect 2, a new match is found, and the couple Hilona/Illan is once again at the edge of the break.

Tonight in 10 couples perfect 2, Noée and Lorenzo have been sent by love machine. The duo is confident to be a match, and obviously, they had reason to believe it, because it is indeed a perfect match ! Everyone can take advantage of this considerable advance in the game, except Nicholas and Jessica, who realize that they will lose their crush of the adventure. On his side, Melanie realizes that she, too, is on the hot seat since after the validation of the match Noée/Lorenzo, the candidate must, in turn, test themselves in a love-machine. Luckily for her, the young man is not his match, the adventure can continue.

10 couples parfaits 2 : Un nouveau match trouvé, Illan embrasse Célia devant Hilona... Replay de l'épisode 35

After the farewell heart-wrenching with the other candidates, Noée and Lorenzo leave the adventure towards their honeymoon. The young woman address a beautiful declaration of love to his darling Nicholas, with which it intends to continue its relationship after the adventure. The next morning, everyone gets up with a bitter taste in my mouth. To relax the atmosphere and to forget the absent, Tony decides to throw down a challenge to Hilona, asking him not to make service Illan of the day. The perfect opportunity for Celia to get closer to his target… In his own way, adding salt and pepper on its slices.

10 couples parfaits 2 : Un nouveau match trouvé, Illan embrasse Célia devant Hilona... Replay de l'épisode 35

Since the departure of Lorenzo, Jessica is very ill. The candidate has realized a bit too late that his ex missed him (again), and it depresses in his corner. But the young woman will be able to catch up, enjoying a date with Nicolas, also a single since the departure of Noée. The two candidates enjoy a moment or two, and if they are now convinced to be a perfect match, Jessica hope even to be able to seduce the candidate into the back of Noée… It was without counting on the subtle, but very clear stop of the thirty year-old. For its part, Hilona pète a lead in seeing Illan kiss Celia on the balcony. Very ascent, it may well be the end (again) of the couple, Illan/Hilona who has reconciled in the beginning of the week in 10 couples perfect 2.