10 couples perfect 2 : Jessica and Lorenzo love-machine, Noée jealous… Replay of episode 15

Tonight in 10 couples perfect 2, Noée and Nicolas are in crisis, and a new couple is sent on a love-machine.

Yesterday in 10 couples perfect 2, Noée was very disappointed to Nicolas. While the two candidates embraced each other in date, the milf has made advances to Daisie, which is not appealing at all to the young woman. On his side, Illan takes offence when his sweetheart Hilona admit that her friends pass before him. During the ceremony the love-machine, Melanie and Tony formalize their relationship, while Jessica admits that a discount in a relationship with Lorenzo is clearly not on the agenda. Unfortunate for them, since the couple has been designated to be tested in a love-machine tonight ! A hard blow for the young woman, who hopes not to be compatible.

10 couples parfaits 2 : Jessica et Lorenzo en love-machine, Noée jalouse... Replay de l'épisode 15

Good news for some, bad news for the game, Jessica and Lorenzo are not a perfect match, unlike Max and Anastasia, which unfolded recently if they were still a couple, after 10 couples perfect 2. After this new failure, Hilona decides to make amends, by bringing a pancake to his beloved Illan, and agreeing to go spend the night with him. It must be said that a few hours ago, the young woman has clearly admitted that his friends passed before him. The next day, Jeremy continues to drag Stella, providing her breakfast in bed. Attention to the melting of the young mother.

10 couples parfaits 2 : Jessica et Lorenzo en love-machine, Noée jalouse... Replay de l'épisode 15

For this new ceremony couples, this is Max and Anastasia, who have the power. The couple chose to send Jeremy and Stella in date private. The opportunity for both candidates to get to know, and realize that they have many things in common. For its part, Noée decides to make him jealous Nicolas by dredging openly the boys in front of him. The reaction of the candidate is not expected, and this is a real escalation of the jealousy that arises between the two lovers. While Nicolas dredge Daisie, Noée tries to get closer to Lorenzo. Things might escalate more quickly than expected.