10 couples perfect 2 : Noée and Nicolas as a couple, Hilona, and Illan in the love room… Replay of the episode 13

Tonight in 10 couples perfect, Hilona, and Illan spend the night in the love-room, while Noée and Nicholas enjoy a romantic dinner for kissing.

After learning that she was going on a date for 24 hours with Jonathan, Melanie discovers the hotel, and as you say that it is at the end of the roller with the understanding that there is only a single bed in the room. For the candidates stayed at the villa, the candidates also are likely to spend a good evening, since the love-room opens its doors for the first time. After his big approximation of the previous day with Selim, it is Mia who is the first to find the key in 10 couples perfect 2. But, determined to take his time with the former Mister France, the young woman prefers to leave his place to Hilona and Illan.

10 couples parfaits 2 : Noée et Nicolas en couple, Hilona et Illan dans la love room... Replay de l'épisode 13

During their date private to the hotel, Melanie and Jonathan are clearly not on the same wavelength. The young woman makes no effort, and she finally managed to make it clear to the applicant that it does not please him at all. Different room, different atmosphere, Nicolas and Noée take advantage of the evening to declare their flame, and end up kissing. Even if they are not sure to be a perfect match, the two lovers are determined to continue their story. At the villa, Jeremy and Stella are enjoying the Spanish evening to get to know. But if the young man seems to believe that an opening is possible, the candidate is categorical, and it is a big no-no.

10 couples parfaits 2 : Noée et Nicolas en couple, Hilona et Illan dans la love room... Replay de l'épisode 13

After their date catastrophic the day before, Melanie and Jonathan are finally peace around a breakfast. On their side, Noée and Nicolas are enjoying their first wake up in love. But if Noée is convinced that she is officially in a relationship with his crush, Nicolas is much less categorical, and he would prefer not to be too forward for the time being. After their night in love room, Hilona, and Illan débriefent each of their side of their restless night. Obviously, things went very well ! And if not, find out if Max and Anastasia are still a couple after the filming of 10 couples perfect 2.