10 couples perfect 2 : Tony and Celia, Illan and Marilou… Our prognosis on perfect matches #03

A new week begins in 10 couples perfect 2 ! The opportunity to continue our match prognosis !

The search for matches continues in 10 couples perfect 2, and for the moment, only two matches were found. While the candidates start their sixth week of competition, and that Noée confessed to a half-word that she was still attracted to Nicolas, the pressure will go up a notch this week in 10 couples perfect 2, and they will have to give everything to progress in the game. Like every week, we reveal our predictions are guaranteed satisfied or refunded, developed from earlier ceremonies and loves machines. If we can already validate Stella/Jeremy and Max/Anastasia, there are still many grey areas which we will try to clarify.

10 couples parfaits 2 : Tony et Célia, Illan et Marilou... Notre pronostic sur les matchs parfaits #03

Our prognosis on the perfect matches (29 October)

  • Lorenzo and Noée
  • Jonathan and Jessica
  • Tom and Ines (and Melanie)
  • Nicolas and Daisie
  • Selim and Hilona
  • Tony and Celia
  • Illan and Marilou
  • Sergio and Mia
  • Jeremy and Stella
  • Max and Anastasia

This week, we think the triple match is played between Tom, Ines and Melanie, the two best be the enemy of the villa. You have to admit that it would be rather funny, no ? On their side, it is believed that Jonathan and Jessica are a match, just like Nicolas and Daisie and Selim and Hilona, suspected since already a good moment. Sergio and Mia could also make a beautiful match with both of their characters posed, while Tony and Celia, as well as Marilou and Illan, who clashait recently all the other candidates of 10 couples perfect 2 would complete the walk. No big changes compared to last week, therefore, it is time that the candidates are progressing a little !