18-year-old son of Angelina Jolie returned from Korea

18-летний сын Анджелины Джоли вернулся из Кореи

The last few months, 18-year-old Maddox Jolie-pitt spent in Yonsei University located in Seoul.

However, due to the pandemic coronavirus his term ended early, so the young man decided to return to his family.

This became known to journalists of the edition People.

It is known that during his forced vacation Maddox is going to focus on learning Korean and Russian languages. And he wants to spend more time with the brothers Paxom and Knox and sisters Saharai, Shiloh, Vivienne. They, apparently, are also quarantined.

18-летний сын Анджелины Джоли вернулся из Кореи

Meanwhile, Jolie, assessing the scale of the pandemic, has donated a million dollars on food for children. “Because of the coronavirus more than a million children do not attend school and do not receive the care and nutrition. Our objective is to help minors who will be hungry due to the closure of educational institutions on quarantine,” — said the star in its official statement.

Jolie also financially supports schools in Afghanistan, Cambodia, Kenya, and Namibia. The actress is actively cooperating with UNESCO to help children in developing countries to access distance education for the duration of the quarantine.


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