2 new factor for deadly coronavirus

2 новых фактора, объясняющие смертельное течение коронавируса

How badly people get sick after being infected with coronavirus, usually depends on the patient’s age and existing medical conditions. But scientists have discovered two other factors that increase the mortality rate.

Men over 50 years of age and previous diseases – known causes of mortality after infection with coronavirus. But according to a new study from China published in the medical journal Lancet, there are two other risk factors that affect the severity of the disease.

A high rate of SOFA and high values of D-dimer in the coronavirus

The team led by Fay Zhou from the “Chinese Academy of medical Sciences” in Beijing found that patients who died during a coronavirus, had a high rate of SOFA and a high value of D-dimer in the blood in advance.

1) the SOFA (Sepsis-related Organ Failure, or assessment of organ failure are common in sepsis) is used in medicine, intensive care for monitoring of organ functions in sepsis to minimize the mortality risk. The assessment includes six different values, which provide information about the status of respiratory function, cardiovascular system, liver function, blood clotting, renal function and neurological status.

2) D-dimers – fission products of fibrin, a protein your own body. They occur when clots dissolve in the body. High values of D-dimer usually indicate thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, tumors or severe cirrhosis of the liver.
Have died from the coronavirus of patients had sepsis before infection

For the study, the data were analyzed 191 people were hospitalized with the diagnosis of coronavirus in Wuhan (registered by the end of January). 54 of them died and 137 have been released. The average age of death was 69 years, survivors 52.

All 54 died from sepsis, 53 had respiratory arrest, 50 acute respiratory failure, 28 heart failure, in 38 septic shock. It was shown that 91 persons had high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.

According to the study, the increase in deaths from coronavirus happens not only due to old age, but also because of the increased failure of the organs. The average SOFA score for deceased patients at admission to hospital was 4.5 points. For those who survived to 1.0.

The values of D-dimer increased in the course of the disease in patients, point to a lethal outcome.


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