2018 was one of the warmest in the history of Kiev

2018 год стал одним из самых теплых в истории Киева

2018 was on 7-8 place among the warmest years since 1881.

This was reported by the climatologists of the Central geophysical Observatory named after Boris Sreznevsky in the year.

The average annual temperature last year in Kiev was + 9.5 ° C, which is 1.8 ° C exceeds the climatic norm. The most of the month was warm except March and November, which was colder than normal. Coldest was February 26 — -16,0 ° C, and particularly hot, it was August 15 when the temperature in the shade reached + 32,8 ° C. Only in 2018 in Kiev, there were 28 temperature records, and most of them were in may — 12.

In particular, October 16, in the Ukrainian capital set a new temperature record. According to Ukrgidromettsentra, on this day in Kiev at 15.00, the temperature reached + 23 ° C. Before this, the highest level for 16 October was +22,3 ° C only in 1916.

Most of all it was raining in March and in August and November rainfall was less — only a third of normal.

Recall that snowfall in November caused huge traffic jams and five hundred accidents.