$ 21 per hour in catering in Alma

The restaurant industry is not immune to the consequences of the scarcity of labor. Hourly wages of up to $ 21 are available in Alma to recruit and retain employees.
“Young people do not want to sleep anymore. It’s getting harder and harder to fill that shift. We went from six to three waitresses at night. Customers have to wait a bit longer, but nothing can be done, “said Goofy restaurant owner Carl Bolduc.

The minimum wage of $ 15 per hour is not the answer since hourly rates are already higher. The restaurant at Avenue du Pont offers an hourly wage that varies from $ 17 to $ 21 depending on the skills.

The person who operates a restaurant 24 hours entrusts to have needs in all the positions, as much in the service as in cooking. Cook’s helper positions are the most difficult to fill. Fortunately, Mr. Bolduc can count on a core of employees who holds several years of seniority.

Several other Alma restaurants have posted their labor needs in recent weeks on social media. For example, Alma’s Toad offered $ 15 to $ 20 per hour for a sous chef position. Other job offers from the same trade show a search for kitchen staff with or without experience.

The Robert BBQ restaurant offered an hourly wage of $ 17 for a cook’s helper position. The company has not hesitated to attach a competition to its publication to explode the number of potential shares. A way of doing that has proven fruitful.

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