$ 3 million for the quality of home childcare services

As the study of the 4-year pre-kindergarten bill begins, Quebec is announcing that it is injecting $ 3 million to enable family care coordinating offices to support or improve the quality of services.
The Minister of the Family, Mathieu Lacombe, met the press Monday in Montreal, to mark the coup, pointing out that his government wants to leave the choice to parents, whether it is early childhood centers (CPE) , home childcare or preschool services at school.

He insisted that the budget of his ministry had been raised by 6.3% – proof that the Ministry of the Family is also developing, not just the Ministry of Education, he insisted.

The sum of $ 3 million will fund 133 projects across Quebec, with a maximum amount of $ 25,000 per project.

These projects are intended, for example, to help family child care providers to periodically draw up a portrait of the child, to offer workshops to improve the training and development of childcare providers on the subject of observation and child development.

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