30 minutes of music a day is good for the heart

30 минут музыки в день полезны для сердца

Listening to music for 30 minutes a day strengthens the heart health. Research has shown that this is particularly useful for patients with episodes of chest pain after a heart attack.

A new study by scientists from the University of Belgrade, Serbia suggested that the music in combination with standard therapies like medication is a simple, affordable and effective means of reducing the unpleasant symptoms after heart attacks. We are talking about episodes of chest pain called post-infarction angina.

Listening to 30 minutes of music every day significantly reduces the level of pain and anxiety, and therefore, music therapy is indicated in all patients after a heart attack. Its special value is that it requires almost no material costs.

The authors of the study observed for 350 patients experiencing heart attacks and angina post-infarction in the medical centre in Serbia. Half were randomly selected to undergo standard treatment and half received along with this treatment and also half-hour sessions of music therapy every day. It is in this group where people listened to 9 of 30-second snippets of certain musical works was a decrease in the level of pain and anxiety.

The observation lasted for 7 years. Music therapy was more effective than standard treatment in reducing anxiety and pain distress. Overall, levels of anxiety decreased by one third, and the level of pain by 25%, compared with the group receiving only the standard treatment, says Ommcom News.


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